dumb af

lily rabe is gonna be in ahs again for season 3 IM SOOOOO HAPPY 

im bored im gonna rewatch american horror story season 1 

i just had mini chocolate eclairs for the first time this is life-changing shit 

the last time  actually watched glee was when the first time aired that was lke long ago why am i thinkinh about it so much all of a sudden 

what season is glee actually on now like 7 or what 

i should finish season 3 but i am so scared  

i love dianna agron though 

i used to hate quinn fuckig fabray so much oh my god i wanted her killed off  but i guess i dont mind her now 

i hate the show glee but im in love with a few characters (((((santana brittany santana rachel SANTANA SANTANA SANTANA SANTANA I LOVE U)))))))))))) 

i have like 500 cans of dr pepper a day lifes too short to even care at all oh woah oh